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Frequent Asked Questions

1. How much, how and where do you ship your products?

Please refer to our FREE Shipping in Canada page


2. Do you have a Lowest Price Guarantee policy ?

Please refer to our Lowest Price Guaranteed policy


3. What is your Return policy ?

Please refer to our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and Return policy


4. Where can I purchase your products from?

Presently we sell all our products through to provide our customers with the benefit of secure shopping and fast shipping capabilities provided by the world's largest online retailer


5. Why should I purchase from Table Tennis 7?

Please refer to Why table tennis 7? page 


6. How can you provide your high quality Genuine products at a competitive pricing?

We adopt a very efficient and lean business model which combines between low overhead costs including labor, storage, and disciplined marketing budget, and we import all our products ourselves from the original manufacturers to help cut costs and ensure affordable pricing for our valued customers like you.


Large scale commercial stores might sell comparable products in quality and reliability, but at a much higher prices due to their overheads and high marketing budgets where you see their ads everywhere that you end up paying for it when purchasing their products

7. Where is your brick and mortar store then?

Presently we're selling all our products online through, but you’re welcome to reach us by phone and email

anytime as we always love direct communications with our customers.

8. Are your products Genuine and Authenticated?

All our products are 100% AUTHENTIC GUARANTEED.

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