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DHS 6 Stars Ping Pong Paddle with Case and Rubber Cleaning Sponge - Long Handle

C$ 89.99

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Please don't compare this GENUINE Racket to other counterfeit ones selling online at 30% to 50% lower prices.

DHS & Butterfly Brands are the most to have fake products.

Features & Details

Since 1959 Double Happiness Sports (DHS) has been an official ping pong equipment supplier for all Table Tennis World Championships, Table Tennis World Cups and Olympic Games. 


 Package includes:

  • 1 DHS 6 Star Racket (Weight approx. 205 g.)

  • 1 DHS Case

  • 1 Gift Box

  • DHS 6 Star : Is an advanced ITTF tale tennis racket which's fitted for Tournaments and World champions. It offers you the edge when playing loop strokes. Each paddle or blade is covered with superior quality soft and spongy inverted rubber of 1.5 mm surface, which offers superior control and spin to help you stay ahead in your game.         


  • ITTF APPROVED RUBBER : Paddle is fitted with superior quality soft and spongy inverted rubber which is Hurricane 8 forehand rubber and Tin ARC backhand rubber.


  • Blade : DHS 6-star rackets are made up of 5-ply of hard Koto wood blades with 5.6 mm thickness which is ideal for any all-rounder.  

  • Fitted Play: Loop with quick-attack   


  • Handle : Long handle


  • FREE DHS CASE : FREE luxury DHS case 


  • Players: Perfect for both intermediate and advanced players.


  • 100% Authentic Guaranteed : "Table Tennis 7" certify this is a Genuine product.

Satisfaction and Product Authenticity

  • “Table Tennis 7“ certify this is a Genuine product which is directly imported by us from China.

  • If you are not 100% happy and satisfied with this product, “Table Tennis 7” is glad to give you the option to return it for a full refund within 30 days. The product has to be in its original packing and the rubbers protective seals haven't been removed.


Rubber Reviews

Reviews from for Forehand Rubber DHS Hurricane 8 used in this DHS 6 Star Racket

Reviews from for Backhand Rubber DHS Tin Arc 3 used in this DHS 6 Star Racket

Product Reviews

Reviews from

different sources which sell "GENUINE" DHS 6 Star

Long and Short Handle

Please don't follow reviews for Counterfeit DHS products sold online everywhere.

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